Claire Housego Piano Piano lessons for adults

Hi, I’m Claire and I offer piano coaching for adults, via zoom, that empowers you to develop your unique strengths and talents whilst giving you the freedom to explore what interests you most.


Play the music you love

You make the choices and I’ll make it work for you. When you play music you’re into you’ll feel a true connection with what you’re doing- plus you’ll get better, quicker.

Dive deeper into your own talents

You are unique- with your own abundance of strengths and abilities. Discover what you might be able to do when you’re doing the thing you love most.

Enjoy piano coaching that goes straight to the heart of what you want to achieve 

and then helps you get better by challenging and stretching your abilities each lesson.



How to make magic...

I invite you to work with your own interests and talents to make something magical happen.

This kind of magic happens when you momentarily get lost playing a groove or a tune, or you create something of your own that feels just right and you want to play it over and over again. It can be sparked by playing a favourite song, diving deeper into your abilities, or discovering skills you didn’t know you had.

When it happens, it’s as if something has clicked, a switch has been flipped, all distractions melt away leaving only the present moment. It will, almost invariably, only happen when you step off the beaten path and dig a little deeper into whatever it is that grabs your specific and unique interest.

So, what will spark your magic moments? Dive deeper here...

"Claire has a rare talent for teaching that is not easy to find."