Play music you love 

Music is deeply personal- you have your own pieces of music you love, artists you’re into and styles you enjoy. This is the music that is meaningful to you

When you listen to that music, ‘your’ music, it has an effect on you. It might give you a sudden burst of energy, or have the opposite effect and bring you a sense of calm and tranquility. You might get swept away on the rise and fall of the musical journey, or caught on the hook of something catchy. 

And when you play that music on the piano yourself, you get to experience all of that- but more, because now you’re part of the music too.

If you’re a beginner, learning to play the music you enjoy right from the start is easier than you may think. A lot of songs contain simple and memorable patterns which make them great choices for piano beginners to learn. 

Their magic is that they allow you to play the melody or chord progression for the whole song- giving you something complete that feels great to play right from the very start. 

Just tell me a bit about your musical tastes, what kind of artists you like, what your favourite songs are, what genres you enjoy and I’ll start hunting for your magic song.

If you already play the piano, but haven’t had the opportunity to play the music you’re truly into- now’s the time.

Perhaps there’s music that you’ve always wanted to play, but it’s seemed out of reach- you’ve thought that it’s too advanced - you’ll get to it eventually.  Why wait? We can create an arrangement matched to your level so that you get to enjoy it right now. 

Maybe you feel limited because you can only play something if you have the sheet music. Maybe the kind of music you want to play doesn’t even have sheet music? That’s okay, I can help you learn the music you’re into by listening to it and figuring out the patterns. The more you can play by ear, the more freedom you have to explore and play any music you like. 

Perhaps you’ve never had a chance to explore your curiosity- you’ve mainly played one particular genre of music. You never know what you’re going to discover when you step across into new territories- you may just find a missing piece of the puzzle, or even a whole new direction.


Dive deeper into your talents

You are unique- with your own abundance of strengths and abilities. My goal is to help you become more and more of the musician that you are; to become the musician that you are capable of being. 

It’s only possible to do this when you’re given a chance to explore and try things out. And then, when you’ve found ‘your thing’, to follow it, focus on it and grow it.

Are you musical?

 You might feel that music is a natural part of who you are, that you listen to it every day and feel like there’s something missing when you have a day without it. Maybe you have a strong connection with a certain type of music- maybe it resonates with you on a deeper level when you play.

Are you creative?

Perhaps you have a gift for making something of your own- whether that is creating it yourself from scratch, making it up on the spot, or putting your own twist on something. It’s really exciting when you find something that sounds great, and it’s liberating to be able to make music that sounds just how you want it to sound. 

Do you want to play with others?

You might get your buzz from playing music together with others- there’s something special about coming together with others to create something bigger than yourself. Music connects us on a deeper level and there’s nothing like the experience of riding the same wavelength together when you’re playing music with others.

Come and explore your talents and abilities - and find out what you might be able to do when you’re doing the thing you love most. 


Get better at the piano

You have musical ability- it’s part of who you are as a person, and who we all are as humans. Our distant ancestors used music to communicate even before the invention of language- it’s in our nature.

But in today’s society, we don’t always have the opportunity to get good at it. First of all, we need to know why we’re playing music- we need purpose and meaning. Then, we need choices and autonomy- how does this fit with what I want? Once we have those, we can start to really get better at the piano.

In your coaching sessions, we will work at the edge of your abilities, expanding what you’re able to do and pushing your boundaries further every session. When we work like this, time disappears and you become totally immersed in the task, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and growth at the end of the session. 

And importantly, you’ll always be able to play the piano better than you could when you arrived.




Lessons take place from my piano studio in central Bristol, Gas Ferry Road BS16GN (very close to the SS Great Britain)

Monday-Friday 9.30-7pm

 £30 for 45 minutes    £40 for 60 minutes