Piano coaching for singers


Do you sing? Would you like to improve or learn new piano skills so that you can sing and accompany yourself just like some of those great artists- Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys- to name just a few.


My piano lessons for singers focus on…


Crafting your own set of repertoire based on your own unique style, taste and interests

Developing your artistic style, musical knowledge, and technical ability

Honing your performance skills and building confidence within a supportive and encouraging setting


You will learn:


How to understand, recognise and play chords

Chords are the building blocks of any song- from simple ‘four chord songs’, to songs with advanced harmonies. Understanding chords is key to being able to accompany yourself on the piano. You will learn how to read chord symbols, understand chord construction, and play chords fluently with increasing dexterity.


How to create melody, rhythm and harmony so that you can add your own twists to songs, or create your own from scratch.

Put your musical ideas into action, or develop new ones, through an exploration of melody, rhythm and harmony. We will draw on songs you know and love to discover how and why they work, and we will also work on improvisation and creativity exercises to help draw out your own ideas. 


How to combine your vocals and piano

This is a specialised and tricky skill, exclusive to singer-instrumentalists! I will give you strategies to help break down your practice into manageable chunks, and coach you through technical difficulties, so that you can master the art of being a singer/pianist!




Lessons take place on weekdays via zoom and are  £30 for 45 minutes or £40 for 60 minutes