Unbelievably, in my first ever piano lesson, Claire had me playing the bass part of I Feel You by Depeche Mode by the end of my first hour. Claire’s style is so relaxed that I had learned notes, some of the keyboard and some other technical bits without even thinking about it while she had me playing patterns and sequences from the music I'd chosen. Loved every minute.


"Having never played music before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, so it was great that Claire took the time to find out about my music tastes beforehand and included these. Her passion and enthusiasm for music shines through during every session, and the lessons always strike a balance between challenge and fun."



“Claire is an amazing piano teacher. As well as being a very talented piano player, she has a wonderful gift of making things easy for others. In my opinion she has one of those rare talents at teaching that are not easy to find.


Claire has a wonderful ability to understand and traverse along the person’s path that is unique to them, but at the same time offer guidance and gently nudge them into the riches that this magical instrument can offer.